Dance Camps

2014 Calendar of Events

Announcing BYU 2014 Summer Dance Camps Dates, Mark your calendars now!

Youth Dancesport Summer

Youth Dancesport Season
August 2014-March 2015

International Folk Dance June 16–18, 2014

Cougar Clogging Classic June 19–21, 2014

Contemporary Dance Intensive
(formerly Modern Dance
and Jazz)
June 23–July 3, 2014

Intermediate Ballet July 7–18, 2014

Dance Medley July 9–11, 2014

Advanced Ballet July 21–August 1, 2014

Adult Ballroom July 28–August 1, 2014

Youth Ballroom August 4–7, 2014

Children's Creative Dance September 9, 2013–May 17, 2014

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Dance Camp Counselor Information

Counselors have the opportunity to work with youth from all over the country and have a positive effect on their lives. We are looking for individuals who are sociable, responsible, and like to work with youth. No dance experience is required; counselors interact with the participants when they are not at their dance classes. The counselor position is not a dance instructor position. Before applying, please read the following general information.

Counselor Duties

As a counselor, you will help out during Monday morning registration (times will vary according to your specific camp). For each week that you work, you will be assigned a group of participants to supervise and interact with during the evening activities. Evening activities may include ice cream parties, dances, trips to Seven Peaks water park, movie nights, talent shows, and field games. You will also hold a nightly devotional with your participants and conduct a nightly head count. Dependable and accountable counselors are a key to the success of these activities.

Work Schedule for Counselors

All Counselors Receive

All counselors will be paid by Direct Deposit.

Applying to be a Counselor

If you are interested in applying to be a Counselor, please

Print the Counselor Application
Print the Ecclesiastical Authorization & Release

This is NOT the same as your BYU Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement that is required for BYU attendance.

Send or bring in completed Application and Ecclesiastical Authorization & Release Form to:

BYU Dance Camps
Counselor Application
169 Harman Continuing Education Building
Provo, UT 84602

OR Fax to:

Attn: BYU Dance Camps Counselor Application
(801) 422-0730

If you fax your application please make a follow–up call to ensure we received it. Call (801) 422–7589.

We will call you to set up an interview time in February-March 2014 once we have received all of your information.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the position. Contact us at 801–422–7589 or by e–mail: