Overall Impact of Programs

BYU Continuing Education affects the lives of nearly all BYU undergraduate students prior to their graduation, whether through Evening Classes, Independent Study, the Salt Lake Center, or the Bachelor of General Studies program. Many other students have participated in conferences and workshops, enrolled in adult and youth religion programs sponsored by BYU Continuing Education, or been employed and mentored by BYU Continuing Education. As well, programs are extended to thousands of Church members and others outside the university bounds, giving them exposure to the spirit of the BYU campus.

In BYU Continuing Education, our objectives for contributing to the mission of Brigham Young University are clear. We seek to advance undergraduate learning, collaborate with departments to support university teaching, partner with colleges to support their outreach programs, mentor students in real-world settings that complement their academic majors, help returning students graduate, and extend the influence of BYU beyond its borders to foster lifelong learning and strengthen individuals spiritually.