Evening Classes

The Department of Evening Classes supports 59 of the university’s 74 academic departments by offering courses taught by their faculty and part–time instructors on an overload or part–time basis after 4:00 p.m. Evening Classes enables the university to leverage scarce faculty and physical resources by providing more courses in the evening hours with additional pay to instructors.

In 2007, Evening Classes offered 2,485 course sections of 840 unique courses to approximately 31,000 students (unduplicated head count); these students enrolled in an average of 2.2 courses for a total of 68,988 enrollments. Most sections offered at Evening Classes are undergraduate courses. Enrollees include 59% of the university’s undergraduate students and 14% of the graduate students. Nearly 98% of the students who graduate from BYU enroll in evening classes, taking an average of 7.5 courses.

The faculty composition is 40% full–time faculty, who teach on an overload basis; 50% part–time faculty; and 10% student instructors. Course evaluation data for fall 2007 showed no substantial differences in student ratings in evening courses compared with courses taught by regular full–time faculty.

In a 2008 study, a percentage of students enrolled in Evening Classes reported that without these courses, they would be "unlikely" or "very unlikely" to continue their enrollment at BYU (9%) or complete their degree (12%). Another 37% of all responders reported that it would take them an additional year or longer to graduate without evening classes.