BYU Salt Lake Center

The mission of the BYU Salt Lake Center is to support BYU by providing students with an excellent resource for credit programs within the Salt Lake Valley. In support of the degree programs available at BYU, approximately 200 sections of many different credit courses from across much of the university curriculum are offered each semester.

Through established processes, academic department approval is given for all credit courses and the instructors who teach them, assuring parity of content, rigor, and quality with those offered on the Provo campus. During the 2007–2008 academic year, there were 152 part–time, adjunct instructors employed on a contractual basis to teach at the center and 26 full–time BYU faculty teaching on an overload basis.

The BYU Salt Lake Center serves primarily undergraduate students. In fall 2007, there were 1,808 students attending the center, and 1,639 were undergraduates (91%). About 75% of students were admitted day students who may also be taking classes at both campuses. Services provided at the center include student registration and records, student accounts, financial aid, academic advisement, veterans’ affairs, bookstore, computer lab, testing center, library, media, security, parking, and facilities maintenance.

Nearly 1,000 students completed the 2008 winter semester student survey. In one open-ended question, students reported what they liked most about the center. The most common comment was about student appreciation for the smaller class sizes and quality of courses (357). Students also liked the location because of its convenience, closeness to work and home, and easy access to the freeway and commuter rail (224). A similar number of students (199) made positive comments about the faculty and their availability and willingness to help. Others valued how the classes fit their schedule and were offered at convenient times (181); the inviting, friendly, and less–crowded atmosphere (158); and a quality, state–of–the–art facility (147).

There were no substantial differences in course ratings between the Salt Lake Center and campus university courses. Course evaluations for the Salt Lake Center from spring 2006 through winter 2007 show that 82% of students agreed to very strongly agreed that they learned a great deal in the course, and 81% agreed to very strongly agreed that the course helped them develop intellectual skills.