Join high school students from around the country to learn about civics and leadership through the lens of the law. At BYU Law Camp you will learn first-hand from professionals in law and government, be mentored by current law students, enjoy a trip to the Federal Courthouse, and participate in many other interactive activities. During the week, you will be:

●Educated about civics, civic engagement, and effective leadership
●Challenged to examine your own and others views on current issues and to broaden your understanding of the legal profession
●Inspired to become civically engaged and to advocate for positive change
●Empowered with knowledge and skills to help you make the changes you envision


The BYU Law Camp is a week-long program for high school students where participants:
● Learn from 1) judges, lawyers, scholars, and other professionals; 2) law student mentors; 3) a diverse group of peers from across the nation
● Explore different areas of the law and government and how they affect our lives through field trips and hands-on, interactive simulations
● Advocate for social change by engaging in lively discussion and debate about issues affecting you and your community
● Develop 1) the skills you need to make the changes you want to see in the world and 2) meaningful relationships with peers, counselors, and mentors

Registration Methods

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1. Online

BYU Law Camp Registration
Starts July 31, 2023
$750.00 plus options