Strengthening Your Marriage

Join BYU Faculty in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program, School of Family Life in the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences, to discover ways you can enhance your marriage. Couples are taught how to become even better partners. You'll even have opportunities to practice new skills to create lasting change in your marriage!

In this six-session class, you will learn skills need to improve an already good marriage or to help with a struggling marriage in which you have tried repeatedly to change. Many marriage enhancement programs work on the idea that you need to improve communication skills. While communication skills may help some marriages, most marriage problems are related to emotional regulation issues. Learning to manage emotional regulation and reduce stress and anxiety are the key to marriage improvement.

Try something new and get a fresh perspective from a marriage expert - pertinent information and helpful tips to enhance your marriage, presented in a fun way.

Classes held weekly for six evenings in the Winter Semester

Open to everyone

Registration is free for BYU benefited employees and their spouses.


Our instructors embody marital teamwork in a very personal way. E. Jeffrey Hill, PhD, Professor of Family Life, teaches and conducts research in Family Finance, Marriage Enhancement, and Home and Family Living at BYU. Tammy Hill, LMFT, Adjunct Professor of Family Life, teaches Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enhancement, and Health Sexuality in Marriage at BYU. She is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at the Marriage Clinic of Utah, and counsels with couples in areas such as transition to marriage, healthy sexuality, and general marital functioning.

And Jeff and Tammy are married to each other!  After their first spouses passed away, they miraculously met, dated, and remarried 14 years ago. Together they have learned the importance of teamwork as they have blended a family that includes 12 children and now 34 grandchildren.  They are the first to admit that things have not always gone smoothly. However, they are willing to share their mis-steps and their perspective that no mistake or failure is wasted, so long as we learn from the experience and have a little fun in the process!


Strengthening Your Marriage is a BYU course (SFL 395R) presented just once each year. 
In this six-session class, Jeff and Tammy will give you the chance to learn and practice new skills to claim more joy in your marriage! You can improve an already good marriage or make productive change in a marriage you may be struggling with.  Try something new and get a fresh perspective from this couple who combine scholarly and clinical training but, perhaps more importantly, have practical experience. They have made share of mistakes in marriage and are willing to be open and share what they have learned in the process. You will look forward to class each week as you glean helpful tips to enhance your marriage and have fun at the same time!


Tuesday evenings, 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m., Winter Semester


Open to everyone
Registration free for BYU benefited employees and their spouses
Tuition w/Credit or Audit
When: Classes held in Winter Semester for six evenings


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