This course is a literary study of basic values and examines the consequences of having or lacking courage, self-discipline, respect, honesty, work, trust, and compassion. This is the first course in a three-part Character Education: Exploring Values series (XPLR 041, 043, and 045); however, any of the courses may be taken independently of the others.

Course Details

This course may be counted for credit in either language arts literature or electives, but not both.
Course Outline
1. Values: Training the Heart As Well As the Mind
2. Courage: Steel in the Backbone
3. Self-Discipline: The Struggle to Master Self
4. Respect: A Wise Way to Look at Things
5. Honesty: The Only Policy
6. Work: "By the Sweat of Thy Brow"
7. Trust: There Will Be a Future
8. Compassion: To Feel as Others Feel