This course provides ten strategies proven to motivate and engage EVERY student! Based on the popular WhyTry Program, students will learn the strategies successful people use to overcome challenges, boost motivation, improve relationships, increase resilience, and more! The lessons in this course have been implemented with over two million youth nationwide and have been proven to promote college and career readiness, improve GPA, increase engagement, improve attendance, and enhance overall self-concept. The goal of the course is to help students go beyond the “what” of education and help them see the “why”—or the ways in which the skills and concepts they’re learning can apply directly to their life. Students often say that they have more fun in this class than in any other high school course.

Course Details

Course Outline
Lesson 1. Welcome to WhyTry
Lesson 2. Flipping the Switch and The Four Sources of Resilience
Lesson 3. Reality Ride
Lesson 4. Tearing Off Labels
Lesson 5. Defense Mechanisms
Lesson 6. Climbing Out
Lesson 7. Motivation Formula
Lesson 8. Lift the Weight
Lesson 9. Jumping Hurdles
Lesson 10. Desire, Time, and Effort
Lesson 11. Get Plugged In
Lesson 12. The Wall