This comprehensive introductory course begins with basic musicianship (including music theory and composition) and evolves into music history, covering genres from the medieval period through current Western popular music, as well as musical theater and music from around the world. This course involves creating, performing, responding, and connecting at a level that is accessible to all students, regardless of music skill.

This course uses our Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes (KSA) model to give students the opportunity to develop both real-world 21st Century Skills and Social and Emotional Learning Soft Skills to develop college and career readiness.

  • Knowledge: Introduction to Music
  • Skill: Creativity—Openness and Courage to Explore
  • Attribute: Courage

Course Details

Course Outline
Module 1: Why Music?
Module 2: The Mechanics of Music (Part 1)
Module 3: The Mechanics of Music (Part 2)
Module 4: Western Music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (900-1600)
Module 5: The Baroque Era (1600-1750)
Module 6: The Classical Period (1750-1820)
Module 7: The Romantic Era (1820-1900)
Module 8: 20th Century Art Music
Module 9: Musical Theater
Module 10: Jazz
Module 11: Country Music
Module 12: Rock and Pop Music
Module 13: Film Music
Module 14: World Music
Module 15: Composers of Music and Consumers of Music