As students continue to expand their Latin vocabulary, they will study the subjunctive verb, irregular verbs, gerunds and gerundives, and the many uses of the ablative and dative cases. The study of Latin will also improve English vocabulary. Through translation, students will travel with two fictional young Roman boys to Greece. This course also allows students to explore Roman history. When they complete this course, students should be ready to begin studying the writings of ancient Romans. This is the fourth course in a four-part Latin series (LATIN 041, 043, 051, and 053) and is a continuation of Second-Year Latin, Part 1 (LATIN 051).

Course Details

Second-Year Latin, Part 1 (LATIN 051) or equivalent.
Course Outline
Unit 1: Perfect and Pluperfect Subjunctives; Deponent Verbs
Unit 2: Indirect Questions; Indefinite Pronouns and Adjectives
Unit 3: Future Passive Participles/Gerundives, Indirect Commands, Noun Result Clauses, Gerunds
Unit 4: Conjugation of Fio, Volo, Nolo; Dative with Special Verbs; Datives of Reference and Purpose
Unit 5: Datives with Compound Verbs; Conjugation of Malo; Locative Case
Unit 6: Subjunctives with Verbs of Fearing; Impersonal Verbs; Genitive of the Whole
Unit 7: Omission of Sum; Indefinite with Si; Place to which; Quisque and Quisquam
Unit 8: Ablative of Separation; Genitive and Ablative of Description; Relative Purpose Clause
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