This course will guide students through attaining proficiency in touch typing and word processing skills. In an increasingly digital world, the ability to quickly and accurately type and create well-formatted documents will prove invaluable and advantageous in completing schoolwork, communicating professionally, and pursuing personal education and career goals.

Course Details

Students will need to create a free account on through BYU’s TypingClub account (a tutorial is provided in the course). Students will also need access to a full-size keyboard with a 10-key numeric keypad.
Course Outline
Module 1: Keyboarding Technique, Keying by Touch, and Home Row
Module 2: Top Row and Bottom Row
Module 3: Basic Level 1 and Tricky Words 1
Module 4: Shift Keys, Career Clusters, and Common Patterns
Module 5: Basic Level 2 and Tricky Words 2
Module 6: Numbers, Keyboarding on the Job, and Common Patterns 2
Module 7: Basic Level 3, Symbols, and Common Patterns 3
Module 8: More Symbols, Tricky Words 3, Numeric Keypad, and Basic Word Processing Introduction
Module 9: Speed Increase 1 and Fonts
Module 10: Speed Increase 2 and Alignment
Module 11: Speed Increase 3 and Margins and Indentations
Module 12: Speed Increase 4 and Line Spacing
Module 13: Speed Increase 5 and Outlines, Bullets, and Numbering
Module 14: Speed Increase 6 and Editing and Proofreaders' Marks
Module 15: Formatting Assignments
Module 16: Final Exam