This course encourages students to think about the history and continuing challenges unique to Alaska. The lessons present Alaskan geography, indigenous history, exploration, colonization, and contemporary issues. Questions within the lesson are designed to promote critical thinking and skills acquisition.

This course is designed to challenge students by having them apply concepts in a way they may need in the real world. As such, it has a built-in KSA model that develops college and career readinessKnowledge: Alaska History, Skill: Critical ThinkingInterpretation & Analysis, and Attribute: Respect.

Course Details

Course Outline
Module 1: Landforms, Communities, and Regions
Module 2: The Athabascan
Module 3: The Aleut
Module 4: The Inupiaq
Module 5: The Yup'ik
Module 6: The Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian
Module 7: Alaska Is Discovered
Module 8: Baranov and the Russian-American Company
Module 9: Russian Influence and the Sale of Alaska
Module 10: Midcourse Quiz
Module 11: The Colonial Period
Module 12: The Rush for Gold
Module 13: World War II and the Road to Statehood
Module 14: Alaska Becomes a State
Module 15: Native Land Settlements and Federal Land Conservation