The history of the northwestern United States is shaped by an understanding of geography (the physical features and processes of the area), the people who have inhabited the area (the Native Americans, explorers, traders, and missionaries), and the events (exploration, immigration, wars, treaties, railroads, and the emergence of the United States). The twentieth century continued to shape the Northwest through growth of industry, immigration, and statehood.

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Course Outline
Unit 1: The Five Themes of Geography
Unit 2: The Natural Environment
Unit 3: The First People
Unit 4: Explorers, Traders, and Missionaries
Unit 5: American Government, Treaties, and Wars
Unit 6: Growth, Immigrants, and Statehood
Unit 7: Growing in the Twentieth Century
Unit 8: Economic Depression, Recovery, and World War II
Unit 9: Modern Washington: Recession, Transition, and Prosperity