In this course, students will expand their vocabularies and study more advanced grammatical structures that will lead to effective handling of social situations. Students will continue to gain familiarity with German life and customs. This course features interactive elements: live one-on-one speaking appointments, a student discussion board, and an instructor-hosted wiki. There is strong emphasis on learning to speak the language as well as read and write it. This is the third course in a four-part German series, which aligns to ACTFL standards.

Course Details

All speaking appointments require high-speed internet access (hardwired if possible) and a computer with a webcam, a microphone, and speakers or headphones.
First-Year German, Part 2 (GERM 043) or equivalent
Course Outline
Unit 1: Meine Freizeit
Unit 2: Eine Reise Planen
Unit 3: Letzte Woche
Unit 4: Wohnen
Unit 5: Hausarbeit
Unit 6: Kochen