In this course students will learn to speak, read, write, understand German, and learn to focus on how they personally learn. Students will also learn about cultural elements pertaining to German speaking countries such as culture, history, geography, and lifestyle. This course includes authentic teaching materials such as popular YouTube videos, pop music, and texts. This course feature interactive elements such as: live one-on-one speaking appointments with TAs and instructor, an instructor-hosted wiki, and writing to a fictitious German pen pal.

Course Details

Students will need access to a computer with high speed internet access, a microphone, speakers (or headphones), and a webcam. There are no resubmissions on assignments or unit quizzes. On speaking appointments, lowest score may be dropped. You must pass the self checks in each unit with at least a 90 percent and complete the speaking appointment before you can take the unit quiz for that unit.
Course Outline
Unit 1: Jemanden Kennenlernen—Introductions
Unit 2: Deutsch Lernen—Learning German
Unit 3: Die Familie—Family
Unit 4: Die Hobbys—Hobbies
Unit 5: Die Schule—School
Unit 6: Das Haus—House