Students learn basic conversation skills for inside a post office, in a pharmacy, and at a French dinner table. Several French-speaking regions are also highlighted. This course features interactive elements: live instructor-led orientations and weekly lesson review activities, live one-on-one speaking appointments, a student discussion board, and an instructor-hosted wiki. There are specific emphases on speaking and comprehension as well as reading and writing. This is the second course in a four-part French series (FREN 041, 043, 051, and 053) and is a continuation of First-Year French, Part 1 (FREN 041).

Course Details

All speaking appointments require high-speed internet access (hardwired if possible) and a computer with a webcam, a microphone, and speakers or headphones.
First-Year French, Part 1 (FREN 041) or equivalent
Course Outline
Unité 1: Qui suis je?
Unité 2: Où je vis
Révision: Unités 1-2
Unité 3: Les fêtes
Unité 4: Les loisirs
Unité 5: Voyager
Révision: Unités 3-5
Unité 6: La cuisine
Unité 7: Les vêtements
Révision: Unités 6-7
Final Exam Preparation