Small Engine Repair covers the fundamentals of small engine repair and servicing. After learning what makes two-cycle and four-cycle engines work, students in this course will get a hands-on, guided experience disassembling a small engine.

Course Details

Students disassemble a small engine; we recommend using one that is old or nonoperating.
Course Outline
1. Principles of Engine Operation
2. Two- and Four-Cycle Engines
3. Fuel Systems
4. Carburetion
5. Ignition Systems
6. Lubrication Systems
7. Cooling Systems
8. Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
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Small Gas Engines Eleventh Edition (Required)
by: Alfred C Roth, Blake Fisher, W Scott Gauthier
ISBN: 9781631263903
2015 Goodheart-Willcox
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