This English course will give students a chance to further develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students will learn how to read and write about texts in ways that will both be fulfilling and prepare them for college entrance exams. Students will also continue to grow their vocabulary and hone their understanding of grammatical concepts. This is the first course in a two-part Eleventh-Grade English series (ENGL 051 and ENGL 053). This course also encompasses Common Core State Standards.

Course Details

You will need access to a headset and microphone. Webcam preferred but not required. Will need access to a printer. You will also need to watch a live or recorded version of Macbeth. A live production of the play is preferred, but you may watch a recorded version (movie) instead. You can search for streaming options at
Course Outline
Unit 1: The Power of Hysteria
Unit 2: Guilt vs. Innocence
Unit 3: Tragic Heroes
Unit 4: The American Dream
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Macbeth (Required)
by: William Shakespeare
ISBN: 9782253183020
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The Crucible (Required)
by: Arthur Miller
ISBN: 9780142437339
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The Great Gatsby (Required)
by: F. Scott Fitzgerald
ISBN: 9780743273565
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