In this course, students will learn effective strategies for reading fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; students will also explore and implement elements of effective writing. Writing assignments include a learning journal, a photo essay, a personal narrative, and a process paper. Students will learn new vocabulary and review grammatical concepts. This is the first course in a two-part Ninth-Grade English series (ENGL 041 and ENGL 043). This course also encompasses Common Core State Standards.

Course Details

Course Outline
Module 1: How the Brain Reads
Module 2: Exploring the History of Storytelling
Module 3: The Danger of a Single Story
Module 4: Story Structure Review
Module 5: World Folk and Fairy Tale Comparison
Module 6: Intro to Anchor Texts
Module 7: Characterization in the Anchor Text
Module 8: Diction in the Anchor Text
Module 9: Plot Structure in Anchor Text
Module 10: Reliable Narrators in Anchor Text
Module 11: Intro to Personal Narrative
Module 12: Inspiration from Visuals
Module 13: Exploring Personal Narrative
Module 14: Drafting a Personal Narrative
Module 15: Revising a Personal Narrative
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