Food is fundamental to life. Not only does it feed our bodies, but it’s often the centerpiece for family gatherings and social functions with friends. In this course, you will learn all about food including food culture, food history, food safety, and current food trends. You’ll also learn about the food service industry and try your hand at preparing some culinary delights. Through hands-on activities and in-depth study of the culinary arts field, this course will help you hone your cooking skills and give you the opportunity to explore careers in this exciting industry.

Course Details

You will need access to a digital camera or camera phone for recording photos and videos; video editing software; and word processing and presentation software. See syllabus for a list of cooking equipment and ingredients required for each unit.
Course Outline
Unit 1: The Safe Kitchen
Unit 2: Knife Skills
Unit 3: Food Safety
Unit 4: Cuisine and Culture
Unit 5: Garde Manger: The Cold Kitchen
Unit 6: The Principles of Food
Unit 7: Professionalism
Unit 8: Leadership, Teamwork, and Ethics