Each day, we are surrounded by technology and engineering projects. From our phones to the bridges we drive over, engineering and technology influence many parts of our lives. In Concepts of Engineering and Technology, you will learn more about engineering and technology careers and what skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed in these fields. You'll explore innovative and cutting-edge projects that are changing the world we live in and examine the design and prototype development process. Concepts of Engineering and Technology will also help you understand the emerging issues in this exciting career field.

Course Details

You will need access to word processing software, presentation software, basic school supplies, a device for scanning or taking photos of engineering journal entries, a device for taking videos (optional), and a way to upload photos, scans, or videos for submission. See syllabus for additional items or resources related to specific assignments.
Course Outline
Unit 1: Development and Understanding of Engineering
Unit 2: Making Problems into Ideas
Unit 3: From Sketches to Products
Unit 4: Civil Engineering
Unit 5: Mechanical Engineering
Unit 6: Chemical Engineering
Unit 7: Biological Engineering
Unit 8: Impossible Engineering!