As animals play an increasingly important role in our lives, scientists have sought to learn more about their health and well-being. Taking a look at the pets that live in our homes, on our farms, and in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, this course will examine some of the common diseases and treatments for domestic animals. Toxins, parasites, and infectious diseases impact not only the animals around us, but at times, we humans as well! Through veterinary medicine and science, the prevention and treatment of diseases and health issues is studied and applied.

Course Details

You will need access to word processing software and (optional) presentation software.
Course Outline
Unit 1: Introduction to Veterinary Science
Unit 2: Small Animal Medicine
Unit 3: Large Animal Medicine
Unit 4: Exotic Animal Medicine
Unit 5: Poisoning and Toxicology
Unit 6: Veterinary Parasitology
Unit 7: Zoonotic Diseases
Unit 8: Holistic Veterinary Science and Medicine