Will we ever find a cure for cancer? What treatments are best for conditions like diabetes and asthma? How are illnesses like meningitis, tuberculosis, and the measles identified and diagnosed? Health sciences provide the answers to questions such as these. In this course, students will be introduced to the various disciplines within the health sciences, including toxicology, clinical medicine, and biotechnology. They will explore the importance of diagnostics and research in the identification and treatment of diseases. The course presents information and terminology for the health sciences and examines the contributions of different health science areas.

Course Details

You will need access to a video recording device, presentation software, word processing software, and a way to upload photos and videos for submission. If you prefer to complete assignments by hand, you will also need basic art supplies. See course syllabus for complete requirements.
Course Outline
Unit 1: The World of Health Sciences
Unit 2: Careers in Health Science
Unit 3: The Life Span
Unit 4: Technical Skills
Unit 5: Health and Wellness
Unit 6: Leadership and Teamwork
Unit 7: Health Communication
Unit 8: Ethics and Legal Issues
Unit 9: Safety
Unit 10: Informatics and Technology