Most of us have watched a sensationalized crime show at one time or another, but do we really know how things work behind those dreaded prison bars? Do we really understand all the many factors in our justice proceedings? The criminal justice system is a very complex field that requires many seriously dedicated people who are willing to pursue equal justice for all. The Careers in Criminal Justice course illuminates what those different career choices are and how the juvenile justice system, the correctional system, and the trial process all work together to maintain social order. Find out more about what really happens when the television show ends and reality begins.

Course Details

You will need access to word processing software and video recording equipment for this course.
Course Outline
Overview of Criminal Justice
US Laws: Freedom versus Responsibility
Inside a Criminal Trial
The Juvenile Justice System
Jails, Prisons, and Community Corrections
Careers in Criminal Justice
Evaluating Justice Ethics
People Skills in Criminal Justice
Communication in Criminal Justice
Finding Employment in Criminal Justice