This course is an introduction to public speaking. It is media intensive and filled with several speeches and examples of various stages of speech development.

This course is designed to challenge students by having them apply concepts in a way they may need in the real world. As such, it has a built-in KSA model that develops college and career readinessKnowledge: Communications Public Speaking, Skill: CommunicationDeliver Presentations, and Attribute: Kindness.

Course Details

Students must have access to an audio and video recording device to turn in speeches for critiquing.
Course Outline
Module 1: Classical Rhetorical Devices — Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
Module 2: Ethical Standards in Public Speaking
Module 3: The Power of Words
Module 4: Informative Speeches
Module 5: Entertaining Speeches
Module 6: Choosing a Topic and Audience Needs
Module 7: Where Are You Going with This?
Module 8: Speech Outline: Introduction and Conclusion
Module 9: The Building Blocks: Organization and Documentation
Module 10: Using Appropriate Language
Module 11: Clarity, Purpose, and Speech Analysis
Module 12: Honing Individual Confidence
Module 13: Interacting with the Audience
Module 14: Effective Communication
Module 15: Effective Critiques