Explore the lands and cultures of the world with AP Human Geography. Earn college credit as you learn about the incredible diversity of geographic regions and peoples on our planet. This is the first course in a two-part series (APHUMGEOG 061 and APHUMGEOG 063) that prepares students to take the AP Human Geography exam.

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Your AP instructor will send you a join code that allows you to join your course section on the AP website. This account provides access to AP Classroom and the exam. The AP exam fee is not included in the course tuition.
Course Outline
Module 1: Maps and Geographic Data Module 2: Regional Analysis Module 3: Population Module 4: Population Dynamics Module 5: Demographic Change Module 6: Migration Module 7: Culture Module 8: Diffusion Module 9: Religion and Language Module 10: Effects of Diffusion Module 11: Political Geography Module 12: Political Boundaries Module 13: Governance Module 14: Sovereignty Module 15: Semester 1 Review Module 16: Final Exam
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Human Geography: People, Places and Culture. 12th Edition (Required)
by: Erin H. Fouberg; Alexander B. Murphy
ISBN: 9781119577607
2021 Wiley
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