The AP Calculus AB series, which is the equivalent of a college-level Calculus 1 course, covers limits and differentiation and is taught by an AP-certified instructor. This is the first course in a two-part series (APCALC 061 and APCALC 063); students who successfully complete both halves of this series will be ready for the AP Calculus AB exam.

Course Details

Your AP instructor will send you a join code that allows you to join your course section on the AP website. This account provides access to AP Classroom and the exam. The AP exam fee is not included in the course tuition.You will need a graphing calculator for this course; we recommend the TI-84 Plus. Review the College Board’s list of approved calculators.
Pre-Calculus, Part 2 (PRECALC 043) or equivalent
Course Outline
Unit 1 – Limits and Continuity
Unit 2 – The Derivative
Unit 3 – The Derivative, Part 2
Unit 4 – Analyzing Functions
Unit 5 – Applications of Derivatives