This course is a study of the properties of sets of real numbers, linear equations, linear functions, and inequalities. Its lessons teach students how to solve problems using algebra, geometry, radical expressions, and equations, as well as graphing, algebraic equations, and systems of equations and inequalities. This is the first course in a two-part Algebra 1 series (ALG-051 and ALG-053). This course also encompasses Common Core State Standards.

Course Details

Course Outline
Unit 1: Linear Equations
Module 1: Introduction to Linear Equations
Module 2: Linear Equations with 2 Variables
Module 3: Graphing Linear Equations
Module 4: Data and Line of Best Fit
Unit 2: Systems of Linear Equations
Module 5: Intro to Systems of Linear Equations
Module 6: Methods to Solutions of Linear Systems
Module 7: Applications of Linear Equations
Module 8: Unit 1-2 Review and Mid-Course Quiz
Unit 3: Function
Module 9: Defining a Function
Module 10: Inverse Function
Module 11: Absolute Value and Key Features
Module 12: Compare and Apply
Unit 4: Inequalities
Module 13: Intro to Inequalities and Graphing
Module 14: Solving Inequalities
Module 15: Systems of Inequalities
Module 16: Project and Exam