This introductory pre-algebra course is designed to bridge the gap from basic math to abstract concepts. It is a study of whole number foundations, operations with rational numbers, algebraic equations, and statistical analysis. This is the first course in a two-part Pre-Algebra series.

This course uses our Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes (KSA) model to give students the opportunity to develop both real-world 21st Century Skills and Social and Emotional Learning Soft Skills to develop college and career readiness.

  • Knowledge: Pre-Algebra, Part 1
  • Skill: Critical Thinking—Reasoning
  • Attribute: Responsibility

Course Details

Course Outline
Module 1: Real Number Operations
Module 2: Integers
Module 3: Order of Operations
Module 4: Rational & Irrational Numbers
Module 5: Operations with Fractions
Module 6: Ratios, Rates, & Proportions
Module 7: Unit Conversions
Module 8: Midcourse Quiz
Module 9: Algebraic Expressions and Equations
Module 10: Multi-Step Equations
Module 11: Equation Applications
Module 12: Percents
Module 13: Inequalities
Module 14: Organizing and Understanding Data
Module 15: Variance and Data Displays