Up Your Prep, Lower your Stress

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How can you help your kids prep for important entrance exams without going overboard? You want them to achieve their goals, succeed, and be happy, but you don’t want to overdo it. Here are prepping options and strategies to help.

Tests are stressful! Especially entrance exams like the ACT.

Parents want their kids to succeed and be happy — oftentimes that means college, and getting there means taking the ACT.

For teens, it can feel like whether or not they do "well" on the ACT will determine their future happiness. We, and they, know it won't — but it can still feel that way.

We want to help reduce this stress!

Recently, Lisa Harris, from our Test Prep program, talked with the Lisa Valentine Clark Show about how parents can help their teens prep for the ACT (and succeed!). She covers prepping options, strategies for the different sections, and other insights into how to make the most of the ACT.

Take a listen and kick stress (at least some of it) out the door.

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