Why take LSAT Prep online from BYU?

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If you didn’t have an opportunity to participate in prior LSAT Prep courses, please join us for the September LSAT Prep course, beginning September 11 and continuing through November 11. This is the last LSAT Prep course that will be offered in 2021.

We are invested in your success and want to do our part in helping you to prepare for the future. BYU’s LSAT Prep courses are unparalleled with the following features to guarantee success.

Here are five reasons you should sign up for BYU LSAT Prep:

1. Score improvement guarantee 

Past students are able to improve their scores by up to 40 points! This is quite a jump within a possible score range of 120–180 points. To make sure you get what you signed up for, we offer a Higher Score guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the course after taking it—whether you weren’t able to come to class, your score wasn’t high enough, or any other reason—you can come back and retake the class free of charge.  

2. An innovative instructor 

Our excellent instructor, Nicole, has extensive LSAT experience: She scored in the 99th percentile and has taught this class for 20 years! Nicole says, “I love our class, and teaching is something I definitely have a passion for. Our class introduces students to the various concepts tested on the LSAT and teaches them all the tools they need to successfully improve their LSAT score.”   

3. Top-notch instruction and materials 

With BYU LSAT prep package, you get access to our proven teaching, strategies, and tools:

  • 9 weeks of intense preparation (5 weeks for the accelerated course) 
  • 57 hours of LSAT instruction (48 in the accelerated course) 
  • 60+ official LSAT Prep tests with video tutorials  
  • 27 hours of practice testing (12 hours in the accelerated course) 
  • BYU LSAT Prep Volume 1 (includes 1,500+ practice test questions) 
  • BYU LSAT Prep Volume 2 (includes another 1,500+ questions) 

Our amazing teacher says, We have had much success with raising students' scores and helping them be more prepared (and, thus, less nervous) to take the LSAT.” 

4. Off-peak, online LSAT classes 

With class times scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, you get consistent instruction hours without time conflicts with daytime work and classes. The normal course meets over nine weeks, while the accelerated course meets for longer class periods over five weeks.  

Pandemic conditions have taken this course online, so BYU LSAT Prep is now available to students worldwide. Nicole says, Interacting with students is still a high priority for us; we will therefore still be finding ways to reach out to students and to be accessible to answer their specific questions.” 

5. High return on investment 

BYU’s LSAT course costs about 60% less than comparable prep courses. This price includes all the materials and instruction listed above. We also offer a Test Drive guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the course in the first two sessions, you can get a refund.  

Think about how a high score could affect your probability of admission to your dream law school (not to mention a possible scholarship)! As hundreds of LSAT Prep students have learned, this investment of $695 and 5-9 weeks of study can accelerate your progress toward your long-term goals.  

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to make your law school dream a reality.  

Visit LSAC.org for general information about the LSAT. 

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