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The BYU Salt Lake Center offers another way to study with students who share your values. Jensen was one of those students who worked hard in high school, earned a 4.0 GPA, and knew he wanted to study at BYU. “I wanted to attend a university that holds my morals, my standards, and my love of the gospel. I feel like BYU is the place to do that,” Jensen said.

But when Jensen didn’t get into BYU, he still held on to hope. “To be honest, I wasn’t that bummed out when I didn’t get in, because my brother before me didn’t get in, and he went to the BYU Salt Lake Center. I knew that if I didn’t get in, the BYU Salt Lake Center was something I wanted to do.” 

Jensen enrolled in the FlexGE @BYU program in 2020, soon after returning from his mission, and he lives in Provo with mission friends who are BYU students. He takes many of his classes at the BYU Salt Lake Center, and it doesn’t feel like he’s attending a different school at all. Some of his friends have even taken Salt Lake Center classes with him.

BYU Salt Lake Center

“I don’t see any difference really besides [the Salt Lake Center] being in a different location. The teachers are professional, it’s a good study life.” He also added, “It’s still very immersive and very enlightening, and you can learn a lot.” Through this excellent, rigorous program of study, students earn transferable credits—whether they apply later to BYU or another university as a transfer student.  

Jensen has also discovered unexpected benefits as he has attended classes at the Salt Lake Center: “Because there are smaller class sizes, you can ask questions and feel comfortable, and you can build better relationships with your teachers than you can in a campus setting where you’re one of many.”  

If you, like Jensen, hoped to go to BYU but didn’t get in, there are other options for you! Consider attending courses at the BYU Salt Lake Center, part of the FlexGE @BYU experience. Scholarships are available. Our friendly academic advisors will help you get started, make a plan, and live the BYU life you have dreamed of.  

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