A Mindful Approach to Developing a Harmonious Sexual Relationship

Would your marriage benefit from a more mindful connection? We now offer an 8-week course that teaches new ways to improve your intimate relationship.

Sometimes sexual intimacy can be a bit of a taboo topic. From an LDS perspective, there might be reasons for this—sexual relationships are personal and sacred. An upcoming course at BYU Continuing Education recognizes that sacred nature while creating a space for open discussion and learning.

This course—A Mindful Approach to Developing a Harmonious Sexual Relationship—explores the role of mindfulness in sexual relationships from a scientific and faith-based perspective. Previous participants have testified how the class benefited their relationships.

"This course became a series of awesome date nights adding depth to our relationship with new knowledge, tools, and ongoing conversations!” explained Tracie, an attendee. Matt also commented that “we learned to communicate more openly about our intimate relationship in a way that has improved our emotional and spiritual connectedness. There is greater harmony in our marriage because of it.”

While the concepts of the course will be taught in a marriage context, the tools attendees will learn can apply more generally as well. Chantel expressed, “Not only did we learn great tools to connect with our spouses but, I felt like the overall principles of mindfulness and self-awareness helped me recognize how I can improve other relationships in my life.”

The class will meet Wednesdays at 7 p.m., starting September 21. To register, visit mindfulsexuality.ce.byu.edu.

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