A Fresh Start — How ReMix Vocal Academy Helped Heidi Wilding

Sometimes getting a fresh start is as simple as trying something new. That’s what Heidi Wilding did to turn her negative experiences into a new beginning with BYU’s ReMix Vocal Academy.

A Tough Year

At the end of her junior year of high school, Heidi was feeling drained. She’d had several negative experiences and felt like her confidence and testimony were weakening. She knew she needed something to pick her up — and that’s when she heard about the ReMix Vocal Academy at BYU.

“ReMix Vocal Academy, to me, was a fresh start,” Heidi said. “The idea of getting to work with the group members [of Vocal Point] along with other very talented singers excited me a lot! It was amazing to come into a group of ten or so people, all from different places and with different stories and life experiences and be able to feel that I could be myself around them.”

Life-Long Friends

As Heidi anxiously awaited the start of camp, she did her research, wanting to be as prepared as possible. She learned her music forward and backward and watched several YouTube videos from previous camps to get a good idea of what ReMix Vocal Academy would be like.

“I loved being able to prepare the music ahead of time so that I didn’t come in questioning what songs and what parts I would be assigned,” Heidi said.

She was nervous up until check-in, when she met the first member of her group — a boy named Talmage. Unsure of what to expect, Heidi was stunned that he was so friendly and open.

“He came up to me first thing and gave me a great big hug and started talking about how excited he was that I was in his group,” Heidi said. “His energy shocked me, and it helped all of my nerves go away! He was the beat boxer for our group and now, two years after this camp, Talmage and I are best friends both attending BYU.”

Talmage wasn’t the only friend Heidi made, however. Throughout the entire camp experience, she felt the love and support of every camp member — inside and outside her group.

“Everybody was so caring and loving, and I can honestly say I never heard a negative word spoken the whole week. There was so much positivity and love, and it was exactly what I needed at that point in my life,” Heidi said.

Her friendships didn’t end with camp. Even now, members of her group will reach out to check in and catch up.

Building Confidence

One of the biggest takeaways Heidi had from the camp was a sense of confidence and love for herself that she had struggled to feel before. Support from her peers helped her recognize her talents and what she has to offer.

“ReMix Vocal Academy reminded me that I add value to the social situations I live in, and it’s okay to be quirky and silly and just be myself, because those who are worth keeping around in life will love me for all of those things,” Heidi said.

After attending ReMix Vocal Academy, Heidi’s grateful she took a leap of faith to try something new. Not only did it excite her for her future experiences at BYU, but it also helped her to find herself again.

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