Eager to Prepare to be Called to Serve

Abby Dautel

Abby Dautel jumped at the opportunity to prepare herself for a mission. By attending Mission Ready at BYU, her faith was strengthened and her desire to serve the Lord increased.

Abby’s Story

When the mission age changed, I was absolutely ecstatic. I had always had a desire to serve, and I strongly felt that it was inspired. I felt an even stronger sense of urgency to prepare myself to serve.

I found out about Mission Ready through BYU’s Continuing Education website when I was looking at going to EFY. It seemed like a wonderful way to prepare for a mission — so I signed up!

I absolutely loved my experience at Mission Ready. 

During the week I became really close with the other participants and teachers. I met some of the coolest, kindest, most faithful people. In fact, I’m still in contact with several of them! The workshops and classes were also incredible.

I had a lot of questions about missions and my testimony going into Mission Ready, and I felt like everyone was there to help me find the answers. It was simply a great environment where you could feel the Spirit, learn, and grow.

It’s been years since I attended Mission Ready, but I still distinctly remember a workshop where the teacher was discussing his testimony of the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit confirmed to me that what he was saying was true. There were multiple moments like this sprinkled throughout my experience. Because Mission Ready discusses so much truth, you constantly receive small confirmations along the way that what is being said is true. It was a huge faith builder for me.

Attending Mission Ready helped me realize that a mission isn’t just about what you accomplish on your mission, but who you become. It was amazing to hear the testimonies and see the examples of those who had served because it gave me insight into who you can become when you devote yourself to the Lord like that. 

I’m so grateful for the experience that I had because it didn’t just prepare me to serve, it also made me beyond excited. There truly is nothing like serving a mission.

BYU’s Mission Ready camp helps youth between the ages of 13 and 19 increase their faith, strengthen their conversion, feel more comfortable sharing the gospel, and develop mission-related skills.

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