A Dancer Making a Difference

Melisa Holker smiling in front of trees

Melisa Holker is making an impact on and off the dance floor.

Her love for dance brought her to BYU’s Contemporary Dance Intensive Camp, where she connected with friends and was inspired to use her skills to help others.

“I met so many friends that shared the same passions and standards,” Melisa said. “I have never felt so close to anyone so quickly. Not only did my love for dance grow tremendously, but so did my love for the gospel. Leaving dance camp was without a doubt one of the hardest things I've had to do.”

Dance camp opened her eyes to new possibilities for the future. 

“Before attending the dance intensive, I had always felt an immense passion for dance,” Melisa said. “It wasn't until the first day of camp was over, that I decided that dance was what I wanted to go into after high school.”

Not only did Melisa decide to pursue dance after high school, but she also felt inspired to use her abilities to serve her community. With this new perspective in mind, she’s been able to reach out and share her passion for dance with others. 

Some of her accomplishments include receiving the honorary Heart and Soul Award at her dance studio, creating her high school’s first dance team with the help of a friend, organizing a fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association, and holding workshops with the elderly and people with disabilities.
She hasn’t stopped there — she continues to dance and help others with her talents.

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