BYU FlexGE Teams Up with Ensign College

Ensign College

The Division of Continuing Education at Brigham Young University announced today a new collaboration with Ensign College. This collaboration will allow BYU FlexGE students to take classes from both BYU and Ensign College. BYU FlexGE students are not matriculated into BYU. They take Evening, Salt Lake Center, spring term, and summer term classes to earn transferable credit.

“BYU and Ensign College have been working together for a while to pave additional roads intended to bless the lives of students that will help them reach their personal educational goals. We are excited about this collaboration with Ensign College and the access to these new benefits our BYU FlexGE students now have,” said Lee Glines, Dean of Continuing Education.  

“We are pleased to link arms with Ensign College in this way and are grateful for the blessings BYU FlexGE students will have available to them as a result of this association,” said BYU International Vice President Renata Forste.  

Ensign College President Bruce Kusch welcomes this collaboration between BYU and Ensign College and expressed “confidence that this collaboration with BYU Continuing Education will facilitate FlexGE students’ desires to pursue their educational goals with a marketable degree from Ensign College that will prepare them well for employment or further studies at BYU or other schools.”

Benefits of the collaboration include the following:

  • BYU FlexGE students can now take classes at Ensign College.
  • BYU FlexGE students will now be able to apply for federal financial aid through Ensign College.
  • BYU FlexGE students will now be eligible to earn a degree from Ensign College. 

As of September 26, 2022, current BYU FlexGE students can begin academic planning to opt in, select an Ensign College program, and apply for financial aid through Ensign College. Credits earned from both BYU and Ensign College can be applied to a degree from Ensign College. This collaboration becomes effective January 4, 2023.


BYU Continuing Education provides lifelong learners with experiences that fulfill the Mission and Aims of a BYU Education. We offer global access to BYU credit-bearing academic and professional education; services and support to BYU and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and family-centered, Church-supported (CES/BYU) education for youth and adults. BYU FlexGE is a BYU Continuing Education program that allows students who are not matriculated into BYU to take in-person and online courses from BYU, earning course credits that can transfer to BYU or other schools upon acceptance. The BYU Salt Lake Center extends the Mission and Aims of BYU in Salt Lake City. BYU Evening Classes is BYU after hours and extends the Mission and Aims of BYU by delivering flexible educational opportunities in the evening for all types of BYU students.

Ensign College is an institution of higher education founded and sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The school’s mission is to develop capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ with a focus on learning applied skills among a variety of associate and bachelor degrees.



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