2014 Education Week
Campus Education Week, August 18-22, 2014, Seek learning, even by study and also by faith D&C 88:118

“The scientific approach to proof is by experimentation in the laboratory. . . but how about those things which lie outside of the realm of positive, tangible proof? This question brings us to the higher law. It is through the assurance that comes from faith. . . . Thomas had said, ‘To see is to believe,’ but Christ answered, ‘To believe is to see.’”

— Howard W. Hunter

Continuing Legal Education at Campus Education Week—2014

Continuing Legal Education classes at Campus Education Week are sponsored by the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and are for registered Campus Education Week participants. While primarily designed for attorneys, any registered participant may attend. In addition to the Campus Education Week tuition, attorneys seeking Continuing Legal Education credit are required to pay a $35 fee for the week to be paid at the door of 214 Crabtree Building. Participants must check with their respective state bars for verification that the classes will be accepted as CLE credit.

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CLE Schedule