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Voices of Promise


As an advocate for Native American progress through education, it has been my joy over the years to teach, present to, and meet thousands of Native American young people and parents throughout North America.

Through my visits to schools, native communities, and national native education conferences, the need to present positive uplifting messages to our native youth has become apparent—that they might hear and see native people making a positive difference for their people with their education and talents.

I believe that our Native American young people want to hear messages of hope, direction, and encouragement.  These are challenging times for our youth, and there is the possibility of impacting some young person’s life with motivational presentations that will get them thinking about who they can and should be as a Native American.

It is impossible for me to visit all the native communities throughout the United States and Canada, but with the gift of technology our native people can be given the opportunity to have instruction and valuable messages presented to them in their schools, communities, and homes.

The Native American Educational Outreach Program at Brigham Young University extends to all educators, parents, and young people an opportunity to see an inspiring video presentation that encourages positive self discovery, personal vision, and the positive influences many Native Americans are making today because of their education.

Our Native ancestors made promises to themselves, to each other, and to their Creator. Then they fulfilled those promises.

On this DVD video you will meet people who have made promises and are working to fulfill them. They live lives of promise. Like them Native youth will find success and fulfillment as they make promises and take action to bring them to life.

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