STARTALK Arabic Language Camp


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"The STARTALK Arabic camp was the best thing our daughter has done. We are looking forward to continuing with her Arabic as well as a trip to the Middle East to 'practice'. Thank you for exposing her to such a life changing experience. She is looking forward to returning to camp next summer."


The Arabic STARTALK Camp begins on July 27 but see below for other options.

Applications are currently being accepted, so apply now!

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The cost of the full 2015 STARTALK Arabic Camp at BYU is $745, but financial aid is available if this would be a hardship.

For those with no prior Arabic and for those who wish to continue after the camp, please consider our online course which includes live tutor support and interaction with other learners.

Breaking news! We’ve received permission from STARTALK Central to invite students to apply to camp for one, three or five days. Attending the first day will give students an opportunity to get an overview of helpful learning strategies and future Arabic study opportunities for those who want to press on to professional level proficiency (including Flagship and other funding.) Cost of a single day is $25. Three days (which includes staying in our student housing) is $150. Five days is $250.

Students as young as 12 years old are invited to apply.

Morocco Day is August 8—when Laila Lamani will be joining us again for a lot of fun. (This would be a one day registration as well.)