Nutrition Conference

Schedule & Presentation Documents

Morning Agenda




Childhood and Adolescent Obesity Updates (Martha Archuleta, USU)

pdf file iconAdolescent Obesity Strategies

The latest statistics, challenges and successful approaches in addressing childhood and adolescent overweight and obesity will be presented. The session will highlight how FACS education plays a unique and powerful role in obesity prevention.


Nutrition Tools on the Web and at Your Fingertips (USU Extension Faculty and Others*)

zip file iconSession Documents

This session will feature some of the best free online nutrition resources available for educators including online nutrition and culinary training developed by USU faculty. The session will also showcase popular food and nutrition “apps” that will entice the teens in your classes to follow a healthier diet.




Hot Topics: Session 1

These hot-topic sessions will include the latest science on each topic as well as ideas for incorporating the topic into classroom instruction.

Trends in Supplement Use

Rickelle Richards, BYU

pdf file iconTrends in Supplement Use FACS

Supplements come in the form of pills but also show up in the food we eat or beverages we drink. Benefits and risks of popular supplements will be explored. Energy drinks, fish oil and vitamin D supplements will be highlighted.

Gluten-Free Diets: Cutting through the Confusion

Pauline Williams, BYU

zip file iconSession Documents

Gluten-free is currently one of the most popular diet trends. This session will identify which foods are gluten-free and when a gluten-free diet is medically necessary. Myths and facts about eating gluten-free as a personal choice will also be presented.

Body Image and Eating Disorders in Teens

Brooke Parker, USU

pdf file iconPreventing Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are most prevalent in adolescence and early adulthood. Having a healthy body image is critical in decreasing the risk of teens for developing eating disorders. This session will focus on current trends of disordered eating seen in teens and strategies for encouraging healthy body image in teens you work with.


Hot topics: Session 2 (Topics repeat from Session 1)


Lunch at the BYU Cannon Center (lunch included with registration fee)

Afternoon Agenda


Workshops: Session 1 (Includes hands-on activities and resources you can use in classes)

Using Technology to Enhance Teaching Nutrition and Food Skills

zip file iconSession Documents

USU Faculty Group and Others*

This session will feature hands-on exploration of the websites and "apps" described in the morning technology session. Strategies for using these tech tools in FACS classes will be included.

An additional feature of this session will be a demonstration for creating classroom materials using iBook.

Healthy “Mindless Eating” for Your Life and the Teens in your Classroom

Heidi Wengreen, USU

zip file iconSession Documents

Mindless eating strategies can actually be used to make healthy eating easier in our hectic world. Classroom resources for incorporating mindless eating concepts in your classroom will be highlighted, including some cool mind games teens will love.

Eating on $4 a Day

zip file iconSession Documents

Mateja Savoie, USU

You’ve heard of people taking the “food stamp challenge” to spend $4 or less per day on food. Learn how you can make it a reality without compromising taste, convenience or nutrition. Resources for using the challenge as a classroom activity will be demonstrated.




Workshops: Session 2 (Topics repeat from session1)


Career Pathways for Your Students and For You (USU and BYU faculty)

zip file iconSession Documents

How do you help teens make the connection between loving your foods and nutrition classes to considering it a career option? This session will provide updates on careers in nutrition, dietetics and food sciences and how to best prepare for a related college major while in high school. In addition, an overview of the nutrition, dietetics and food sciences undergraduate majors at USU and BYU will be presented. Will also provide an overview of USU distance master’s degree options for FACS teachers available statewide.


Conference wrap-up and evaluation