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29July, Tuesday

Conference on Family History and Genealogy 7:00 am

4August, Monday

Youth Ballroom 9:00 am

5August, Tuesday

BYU Organ Workshop 9:00 am Vocal Beauty Boot Camp 9:00 am

10August, Sunday

College and University Hazardous Materials Management Conference 8:00 am

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Young Musician’s Summer Festival

Young Musician’s Summer Festival

The BYU School of Music invites you to participate in the Young Musicians’ Summer Festival, June 15-21, 2014. SummerFestival is a six-day summer camp for young instrumentalists and vocalists ages 14–18 who want to improve their musical skills and talents

Young Ambassador’s Singing Entertainers

Young Ambassador’s Singing Entertainers

Join the BYU Young Ambassadors for five days of musical dance theatre training at BYU. Rehearse with members of BYU’s Young Ambassadors and receive instruction from BYU’s premier performance directors.