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1May, Thursday

BYU Women's Conference 9:00 am

2May, Friday

Six Sigma Green (SSGB) 9:00 am

3May, Saturday

MCAT Test Prep Course Accelerated 8:00 am

9May, Friday

Agile Certified Practitioner 8:00 am

20May, Tuesday

eBay PMI Agile Certified Practitioner 5:30 pm

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Children’s and Teens’ Creative Dance

Children’s and Teens’ Creative Dance

Participants in the BYU Children’s and Teens’ Creative Dance Program will receive training in dance technique, which develops flexibility, coordination, strength, physical awareness, and body control.

Theatre Workshop

Theatre Workshop

Theatre Workshop will be one of the greatest opportunities you will ever have to immerse yourself in the theatre experience in the great atmosphere only BYU can offer.