Bachelor of General Studies

The bachelor of general studies is a fully accredited bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University designed to help you finish at home what you started at BYU.

Apply previously earned credit and complete the rest of your degree from anywhere in the world by taking BYU Independent Study courses.

The major is general studies, with an emphasis in one of six areas of study:

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Am I eligible?

If you have:

  • attended BYU previously as a day student,
  • earned 30 or more credits on the Provo campus (exam credit excluded), and
  • been away for at least two years or have already completed a minimum of 90 BYU credits (exam credit excluded),

you can apply previously earned credit and complete your bachelor’s degree from home.

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How do I fill remaining course requirements?

BGS course and credit requirements can be filled with courses completed:

  • through BYU Independent Study.
  • at the BYU Salt Lake Center.
  • through BYU Evening Classes.
  • at BYU during spring and summer terms (formally admitted BGS students may attend day or evening classes during spring or summer terms).

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